Cincy native & Chicago-based writer/ producer following her love of TV beyond the comfort of her couch (often with no pants). She's an indie & commercial Producer tired of wiping asses without getting her hands dirty creatively. The goal being: mix the two and have some directing fun like the boys get to! She's produced a variety of work from music videos to parodies, shorts to feature films and enjoys the hell out of making great things with great people, like a 'PUSHER' of their creative dreams.

Making shit happen at the cost of her sanity, personal relationships and sexual wellbeing.

Likes: intensely detailed stories, manners, binge-watching Dr. Pimple Popper videos and the cold side of the pillow.

Snorts a lot.

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Cincy-based writer/ actor and caterer/ drama teacher to pay the bills. She enjoys pretending to be other people and getting weird, not solely for the sake of art. She teaches others how to also get weird (to be read: ACT) and to keep the fun in growing/ learning on stage. She's acted in a variety of works from short & feature films, dramatic & comedic, with a side of commercial work too, and made some mean Vine videos before that, too, was taken from us. She's the fun one.

Getting all the shit done that needs doing and trying to find some semblance of time for her own.

Likes: a snaggle-tooth rescue pit named Zeus, binge-watching B-rate sitcoms, the good ol' outdoors and vodka.

Snorts a lot.